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First and foremost, we want to thank you for joining us on our official website. Today marks another milestone for us here at ELSA as we go on our journey.

Esports League South Africa is paving a new way for competitive gaming in SA, a level of unprecidented content delivery through  all our official channels to the public. We do all this for the teams and casters to uplift and enable them to show their worth.

Our vision is to build the esports community to a level where the gap between top tier teams and amatuer teams are at an even playfield and to stimulate growth for new teams and amatuer teams alike.

Give them the opportunity to grow, show South Africa and the world what talent we have to offer in terms of competitive gaming. The industry is huge and here in South Africa, there is more talent and potential than I can quote.

Our promise as an Esports Tournament Organizer:

  • Every event we host will be broadcasted.
  • To provide exposure and growth for teams.
  • To uplift and enable new and existing casters to broadcast our events.
  • Build casters through their own channels as a brand and support them.
  • Create an esports scene where any team can compete on an even skilled playfield.

With all the above said, it is possible to achieve and we will do just that. Our vision and goals are aligned with our passion for the scene and with the community we can achieve any goal.

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