imgCalibration Tournament Created by Shippy


This event is OPEN To all teams, it is the sole responsibility of the teams to schedule the games and honor the agreement.

1. You need to organize your own games (Date, time etc.)

2. All games are a Bo1.

3. For every win you gain 10 Points for every loss, you gain 0 points.

4. All games must be scheduled on our website by the use of the challenge feature within the tournament.


After all the games have been played tiers will be given to all the teams involved. Going forward to any new teams that enter after the event, they can opt to play rank and start at the bottom of the log then work their way up.

Started on
July 1, 2019 7:00 pm


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    4 out of 100

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    Tournament type
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Tournament details

  • Game

    Counter Strike: GO
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Game frequency

  • Tournament frequency



  • Dust2

  • Inferno

  • Mirage

  • Nuke

  • Overpass

  • Train

  • Vertigo





o 1) Work closely with your ELSA Admins to determine a working schedule. In a case where all your subs are also not available
o 2) Make sure your reserves are online and waiting before and during your match. We recommended that each team house 3 reserves. If a player is load shed, replace the player with a reserve.
o 3) Scheduled Matches will only be moved on a worst-case scenario if there is to many people affected on both teams.
* Regulations:
o If a match cannot continue due to load shedding, the admins will schedule the match to be played the following night. Or over the weekend but this game will possibly not be casted or streamed
* Note that the admins will investigate the team who is requesting a postponement, to ensure that they followed the guidelines correctly. If a team did not follow the guidelines, the team’s application for postponement will not be granted, as that team will be considered responsible.
o Teams with only one or less reserves will not be granted any postponements.
* Teams with only one or no reserves did not plan accordingly before entering the event.
o Teams with reserves, but do not make use of their reserves due to the reserves lack of availability will not be granted a postponement.
* Teams must ensure that their reserves are available.
o When applying for a postponement, teams must provide the load shedding schedule for the effected players for validation. This includes for each of your reserves.
o ELSA will not postpone the postponement due to load shedding. We can only be accommodating for a short period of time. The event must go on.


Discord, as well as E-mail, will be the official communication system adopted by ELSA.
If there are any disputes or queries, a ticket system is in place that can be used to raise/address such disputes or queries. In order to use the ticket system, go to “Create ticket” at the bottom type ? new. It will then create a new ticket. You will then be able to communicate with an admin regarding your concern.
Discussion-Dota is for information only. All other content will be deleted. 
There will be a Discord channel that the Admins/Casters will post scores for all to see.
Team Captains needs to be on Discord. Furthermore, Captains need to disclose, during registration, what their Discord name is. The Captain’s name is to remain unchanged until the completion of the tournament.

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward