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G-Squad is described in the last book of the New Testament, They are the future of the new generation as they are in a league of their own.They have a an abundance of traditions and knowledge on Dota 2,  passed from person to person in the generations.



There Testimony Goes as follow :


We are the ancient group of Gladiators called G-Squad

We are weapons composed of bone and muscle wrapped in flesh

With the discipline of a soldier but We’ve been trained by the best

They’ll be no sympathizing on this battlefield, No hesitation with our attacks

If we end up in the same Arena, Death to the end will do

Striving in the lane so I can remain in this fight

Everyday We peer out our cage, Thinking of the war We about to engage

And so far We’ve survived, This game for the “Kings”

But in the depths of our minds, We’ve come to realize

We are breathing to die and dying to breath

When will the day come when We removed from our feet

And like all of our opponents, I’m forced to kneel to this king, Whenever it does, I won’t bare remorse In my eyes

There’ll only be hate for my captives, And hope for revenge in a spiritual life

We bare no resemblance to any Fighters/Players you’ve ever seen

We’ve been built with stone from within

Our courage is that of a lion

We possess the speed of a cheetah

And in the darkest shadows of the Fight, We’ll shine like armor when the morning dawn casts its light

We are the most powerful gladiators this world will ever know and see

When the dust starts to rise and these spectators cheer

We will swing our maces above our heads

Swords will be as sharp as they can possibly be

Spears will be set and ready to throw

War Will Begin

The moment the Horn blows for Battle


The End




Introduction to the team

They are a combination of a Fair player, a ‘Pro’ Defense, a Retro hipster, The Magician* and the Main Attraction. The guys grew up together in different time zones.


  • The Fair Player – Comes from the 1st realm of Heaven ( Celestial Kingdom)
  • The ‘Pro’ Defense – Born from an Arcana of a hero that must still be revealed.
  • a Retro Hipster – Studied the colors of Dota and got sucked into a spiral of magic for eternity until he escaped through the fountain.
  • The Magician*  – He originated from the Seventh Circle of hell – Violence, He became the 2nd in charge due to his dominating Aura.
  • The Main attraction – The name speaks for itself, With Mid plays and Rosh for Lunch, You can only expect to see the unexpected.

                                        The Five Founders have united again through the art of War to Defend the Ancients.

 Team Discussion

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  • FoundedJanuary 2019
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationSouth Africa


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  • ELSA Season 1 Qualifier 2 – Powered by MSI


    Tournament Begins: May 20, 2019, 3:52 pm

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    Maximum Participants: 32 teams

    Current Participants: 18 teams

    Prize: 5 X MSI Bundle, 5 x MSI Gear