How The Rank System Works


The rank system will be classified as a live activity rank system with points when game scores get updated the rank of the two teams will shift. Variables will depend on the amount of games played, winning streak multiplier, officially ranked games [will have set points] & event games [will have its own points awarded].  The more interactive a team the better, this stimulates growth as a team and rank for them to boast about. Keeping the community active.

The structure

The ranking system will be based on a point system where teams can only challenge the team in the rank above them (20 can only challenge 19, etc.). The team being challenged may not decline the challenge, but teams may negotiate on a date to play the match. If the team in the higher rank loses, they will be deducted 10 points and the team with the lower rank with be rewarded 10 points for their victory, thus swapping the two teams on the leader board. Example: (Rank 20 = 800 points; Rank 19 = 810 points) If rank 20 wins they get +10 points so will move to 810 points, rank 19 will then get -10 points and move down to 800 points meaning they swap ranks on the leader board.
If the team in the higher rank wins no changes to points or positions are made.

There is also a win streak xBonus.

In a separate counter from the above, a win streak xBonus is calculated for games won in a row – For every game won this counter will gain 2 points and whenever the team loses it is reset to 0. Once this counter gets to 5 wins the 10 points will be awarded to the team and -10 points to the team above them meaning they can skip the next ranking player.

Quota & Penalties

A team that does not fulfill the quota will de-rank, this means that the team needs to play at least 4 rank games a month to be considered active, however, the max limit is no more than 2 challenges per 24 hour period.

The challenge Feature will need to be used for this to work properly, to read more about the challenge feature and how to use it go to the FAQ tab and see under “challenge team”. Note, for the rank system please select “official” in the challenge request menu.

PLEASE NOTE: If your team does not fulfill the quota of 4 rank games per month you will de-rank automatically.