Challenge Feature

Here we will explain the challenge feature and how it works:

  1. To challenge another team you will need your own team first, once you have your own team, head over to the team wars tab under the drop-down menu select challenge teams. the page will load all the teams registered and you then just need to select a team profile then on their profile you will find the challenge button. See below picture:

2. Once you select the challenge button on the team you want to take on, the team challenge page will load where you will have to set the conditions of the match. First, select your team (if you have more than one team that is), give the match a title, description & what game. See below picture:

3.  Then you need to state if this is an official or friendly match. Please note that the official match is our own RANK system feature and the friendly match is our SCRIM feature. See below picture:

4. Now set the date and time then wait for the other team to accept or change the challenge conditions based on their own availability. See below picture: